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Social Responsibility

Doing the Right Thing                                               



 Our Company is committed to the pursuit of excellence through integrity.  We expect each employee, director, supplier, subcontractor and consultant to conduct Company business in an honest and ethical manner at all time and to make excellence through integrity and compliance with laws a daily priority.  This means that you are expected to: 

  • Obey all laws and regulations governing our business conduct,
  • Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all your Company activities and relationships,
  • Maintain a high standard of accuracy and completeness in our financial records,
  • Recruit, hire, develop and promote employees in ways consistent with the recognition that employees are our most valuable resource,
  • Strive to create a safe workplace,
  • Avoid conflicts of interest between work and personal matters, and
  • Maintain a corporate culture that values ethical conduct

This Business Code of Conduct (the “Code”) was prepared as a working guide to our basic ethics policies, rather than as a comprehensive manual, you can find additional information on a particular policy by accessing our Employee Handbook.

 This Code applies if you are: 

  • An employee---including officers and any full-or part time employees,
  • A director, or
  • As appropriate, a supplier, subcontractor and/or consultant

 of Career Connection Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or divisions, including Gemini Recruitment.  You should read and understand the standards in this Code.  The Company expects each of you to apply these standards in your daily Company activities.  When reading and applying this Code, you should apply your common sense, with the attitude of seeking full compliance not only with the letter, but also with the spirit, of the rules presented.

If you are an employee, you should discuss any questions with any member of management with whom you feel comfortable.  Violation of any portion of this Code will be considered grounds for disciplinary action, which can include termination of your employment. 

If you are a supplier, subcontractor and/or consultant of the Company or any of its subsidiaries or divisions, you are expected to comply fully with the spirit of the Company’s ethics policies as set forth in the Code whenever you are conducting business with or on behalf of the Company.  If you have any questions regarding the Company’s policies of this Code, you should contact the CCI’s Law Department.

You must immediately report any violations of this Code.  The Company will not retaliate against you in any way for reporting a violation.


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