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Our History

The Career Connection, Inc. story began in 1986 when our President and Founder, Jessica L. Killgore made the decision to begin her own staffing company. With only a few employees working out of temporary office facilities in Boca Raton, FL, Career Connection Inc. was founded. At the time, we were among many staffing companies to enter the fast growing Temporary Staffing Industry.

Among the first steps to be taken were to develop a line of services and perhaps most important, recruit and hire a group of employee partners who could deliver these services and make it all happen. Just one year after the company's inception, Career Connection, Inc. became quickly known as an innovator, a company committed to the highest standards of quality and service to both their customers and employee partners. A reputation that stills holds true.

Today, with competitors worldwide, Career Connection, Inc. is a recognized leader in the staffing industry. Our portfolio of products includes a complete line of services ranging from traditional staffing to Strategic Customer Outsourcing. Career Connections, Inc. strives to achieve both Client Customer and employee partner satisfaction.



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