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Social Responsibility

Doing The Right Thing

Dear Employee Partners,

Whether you are new to Career Connection, Inc. or have been with us for some time, we’re glad to have you on our team!

When you decided to join our company you became part of the future of Managed Staffing and Strategic Outsourcing.  Our mission is simple: Our mission is to be a world class organization that offers a spectrum of services that exceeds both our Customer and Employee Partner expectations.

We’re extremely proud of the substantial contribution we have made to the staffing industry since our founding in 1986 and we look forward to the decades ahead with anticipation and optimism.

I believe that here at Career Connection, Inc. you will find yourself among the finest group of people to be found anywhere, dedicated people who are committed to providing true quality service.

Career Connection, Inc. has a reputation of operating at the highest level of integrity. Our strong commitment to responsible business practices is illustrated in everything we do!

We focus on providing a productive and meaningful work environment for our employee partners and perform as an icon of integrity for our customers. 

Conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner is a key success factor for how Career Connection, Inc conducts our business.  This commitment is demonstrated in our abilities to become a “Supplier of Choice” for many of our customers. 

Our future growth and Customer Client Satisfaction depends greatly on your contribution and those of your fellow employee partners.  As a member of the Career Connection, Inc. organization, you make an important contribution to our success, no matter what your job may be.  We are a team; each of us is important in ensuring that our services are of the highest quality possible.

Over the years we have established an outstanding reputation for quality services.  There is no mistaking that this success is contributed to our employee partners. 

As part of our commitment to you, we strive to provide opportunities for development and recognition of accomplishments.  Part of being a leader is creating a productive and challenging environment in which people and their ideas can flourish.  No one has a monopoly on good ideas.  Therefore, I encourage you to share your ideas with your leadership at any time.

I sincerely welcome and hope that your career with us is successful and fulfilling and that you will grow with us as we head toward a future that is filled with opportunities to make the businesses we support even better.


 Michael S. Stowers
 Chief Operating Officer
Career Connection, Inc.







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