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Internal Job Postings-Employment Opportunities -

CCI is a strong proponent of internal promotions and providing our employee partners with avenues for career development.

Below is listed the job opening(s) that are currently available in which you may apply. We ask that you pay special attention to the requirements of the posted job and ONLY apply if you meet these requirements.

For additional information and guidelines regarding internal job postings, you may also refer to our Employee Handbook by clicking the below link Refer to the Hiring/Training Section.

Applicants who best meet the position criteria will be invited to proceed in the selection process. 

If you are not invited to proceed in the selection process, we encourage you to continue your development as other positions will certainly become available.

As part of our internal Job Positing program, if the same position  should become available  within 6 months of the original posting, Candidates that previously applied within the same timeframe  (that meet the requirements) will be considered  and potentially selected. As a result, the job may not be reposted.

Our current openings and selection process steps are as follows:

STEP 1 - Review Requirements

STEP 2 - Complete Job Bid Form
Click here to fill out our "CCI Job Bid Form". Please respond to the questions thoughtfully as this will become a part of the resume  and application component.

STEP 3 - Submit Resume
Please select and e-mail your resume to one of the following e-mail addresses for the location in which the position is being recruited:

Atlanta, GA:
Boulder, CO:
Work At Home:

STEP 4 - Skill Assessments/Final Candidate Selection
Once the Job Bid Form responses and resumes are received, they will be compared to the job posting requirements and a slate of final candidates will be identified.  For the majority of positions, the final candidates will be requested to complete assessments to determine their skills relevant to the position.

STEP 5 - Interview
Interviews will be set up for the candidates who best match the position criteria.

Note: Whether you are selected to proceed throughout each of the steps in our selection process or not, you will be notified accordingly.

As referenced in our online Employee Handbook and Business Ethics and Code of Conduct, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer and base our employment decisions entirely on the above process.


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