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Social Responsibility

Doing The Right Thing

CCI, as a responsible corporate citizen, seeks opportunities to strengthen the communities and countries in which it has the privilege to operate, through sustainable practices and initiatives.

CCI involves assessing all the potential ways that the Company's actions and operations may impact others. It means looking beyond our office walls and outside our operational fences to consider how our decisions affect a broad range of individuals, groups and organizations. Referred to as stakeholders, these affected interests include local communities, non-governmental organizations, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, host governments and regulatory agencies.
Our approach to social responsibility is rooted in our Business Code of Conduct, a touchstone philosophy for the entire organization. These core values, which encompass longstanding commitments to health and safety, environmental stewardship, honesty and integrity, corporate citizenship and high performance form the foundation for the comprehensive approach that shapes the way we choose to do business.

Message to Employees from the COO

CCI Business Code of Conduct 2011 (PDF)







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